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Chiropractic Tips For Surviving Summer Pain.

Summer is a season most people look forward to, but it’s also a season that can be filled with pain! The outdoor activities, from sports to gardening to swimming, can result in injuries that end in discomfort and pain. These issues may be the result of poor technique or posture, or it might be that you’ve just pushed your body too far. 

Chiropractic Tips For Surviving Summer Pain.

During the summer season, there are a handful of injuries that are quite common, they include:

Plantar Fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is often the result of mistreating your feet. People who do a lot of walking and/or running can injure the plantar fascia, which is located on the bottom of the foot, causing inflammation and pain.

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Knee Injuries: More time for outdoor activities can lead to a muscle imbalance in the legs, which causes knee injury and pain.

Rotator Cuff Injury: Your rotator cuff is located in your shoulder and helps your arm rotate. In the summer months, repetitive movements from activities like swimming, gardening, and sports can cause injury to the rotator cuff which makes movement painful.

The risk for injury and pain is higher because the summer sun calls for you to get outside and be active. The good news is that the chiropractors at Blue Tree Clinic can keep you healthy all summer long!

Here are a few ways Chiropractors can help your body working optimally during Summer: 

1- Chiropractic adjustments :

Wellness care is a great way to keep your neck, back, spine, and extremities in good shape for physical activities. Chiropractic adjustments align your spine, allowing your nerves to function properly, which can improve and maintain your overall movement and function.

These adjustments are done by the chiropractor to remove joint dysfunction and restriction to help your body function as it should. They also help to improve mobility, loosen tight muscles, and help your body to recover from injuries sustained in summer.

2-Nutrition and Hydration :

 Are you eating all the fruits and vegetables you are expected to eat during the summer, and hydrating properly too?  As you become more active, it is essential to hydrate your body for optimal performance. A chiropractor can help you to understand how important proper nutrition is to your overall health and how it can help your body to heal.

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Maintaining a healthy diet will fuel the systems in your body so that as you become more active, your body has plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and other nutrients to support it. Your chiropractor will advise you to skip processed foods and, instead, opt for raw and whole-grain foods.

3-Exercises :

 There may be certain exercises or stretches that can help your condition improve and prevent future injury. Before engaging in physical activity, warm up your muscles by stretching to prepare them for action, which can prevent injuries.

4-Lifestyle :

When summertime pain strikes, it’s time to talk to a chiropractor.  The main goal of our chiropractors at  Blue Tree Clinic is to help you achieve true wellness and also help you understand how making simple and small changes to your habits and behaviors can improve your overall health and help you prevent pain and avoid injury.


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