Chiropractic Treatment for Leg Pain

Leg pain is a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide every single day. Whether a result of a medical condition, sports injury, work-related accident, wear and tear or something else entirely, it can have a detrimental impact on your daily life. While minor leg pain can be managed with pain medication, chronic leg pain can be seriously debilitating and even be a symptom of something more serious.

Because there are many different causes of leg pain, symptoms will not necessarily present in the same fashion. Symptoms will also vary depending on the individual. For instance, in the case of sciatica the pain will travel down one or both legs and originate in the lower back region. Pain may also occur in the calf or hamstring muscles which is commonplace among athletes.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, our chiropractors in Dubai understand that there is either an anatomical or neurological component to leg pain. As such, we will always aim to get to the root cause of the problem so that we can suggest the most appropriate treatment methods.


Among the most common causes of leg pain are strain, fatigue or damage to the joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles as a result of an injury. Cramp is another issue that is directly responsible for leg pain, and this is usually due to over exertion or dehydration. At Blue Tree Clinics, we have for many years treated leg pain in Dubai brought on by all manner of factors. Other causes that we often see include:

  • Herniated disc(s)
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spinal stenosis

Without correctly identifying the cause, you cannot hope to treat the symptoms. When you choose our Dubai chiropractors, you can rest assured that we will correctly diagnose what is causing your leg pain so that we can suggest the right treatment for you.

Chiropractic Treatments

When it comes to providing effective treatments for leg pain Dubai patients can trust, we understand that simply managing your symptoms is not enough. Our goal is to treat the underlying cause so that you can be rid of your pain and discomfort once and for all. To start with, we will review your medical history. We will then carry out a full physical examination in which we will assess your neck, spine and legs.

Once we have successfully identified the cause of your leg pain, our Dubai chiropractors will work with you to create a bespoke treatment plan. Depending on the cause of your leg pain, we have the skills and knowledge to provide you with a wide range of therapies. Our gentle and effective spinal adjustments will provide you with the results that you seek. The goal of these treatments is to relieve pressure on the nerves and restore your nervous system to full capacity.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Founded in 2000, Blue Tree Clinics have, over the years, established a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality treatments for leg pain in Dubai. Based out of three clinics dotted right across the city, getting to and from our clinic is a breeze. We also operate long opening hours so you can fit your appointments around your work and personal life.

At Blue Tree Clinics, we boast one of the finest teams of chiropractors around. Each of our specialists has received qualifications recognised by leading awarding bodies. Furthermore, they have also received in-depth training in the latest techniques. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we are well-placed to help you achieve your healthcare goals.

Regardless of your age or condition, we promise to listen to what you have to say so that we can understand how best to help. If you’re tired of struggling with legs that are riddled with pain, make an appointment with our team now.


“After battling with severe pain in my legs for well over a year, I decided to finally do something about it. I sat down with a member of Blue Tree’s chiropractic team who explained that my pain was a result of a slipped prolapsed disc. My first thought was that I’d need surgery but he explained that surgery would not be necessary.

I was put on a treatment plan and scheduled in for spinal adjustments. I was nervous but the team were fantastic, friendly and helped put my nerves at ease. I’m happy to say that the treatments weren’t painful at all and within a matter of weeks I was noticing results. Now my back is sorted, my leg pain has all but disappeared.”