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Chiropractic Tips To Avoid Low Back Pain During Holiday Travels.

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Low Back Pain – The holiday season has just begun, and as usual, many of us are preparing for holiday travel to visit family and friends. While we can’t wait to see our loved ones, the stress and strains of travel are not something to look forward to.

Traveling is only worse for those already suffering from back and neck pain, and holiday travel can be a particularly stressful and painful time. Either on the road or in flight, prolonged sitting can be hard on your body. Pressure can build up in the blood vessels in the lower legs, and your back, neck, and shoulders may be strained by low back pain.

Here are some effective chiropractic tips to help you manage and minimize that pain.

1- Get Moving:

Whether you have low back pain or not, one of the biggest challenges of a road trip is the inability to stand up and move when you need to. Oversitting is a common cause of back pain and research suggests that to prevent back pain during a road trip, it’s best to get up and get out of the car every few hours. During these stops, take a short walk and stretch your legs and back. Planning your steps so you can enjoy a stroll through a local park or store can help prevent back pain while enjoying the sites. When you plan your trip, be sure to allow for these types of stops.

2- Take a Break and Get Enough Pre Road Trip Rest:

Long periods of sitting in the same position put pressure on the back. Change positions every half hour, even if you’re not getting up. Take breaks periodically. In an airplane, get up out of your seat to use the bathroom. If you’re in a car, stop to get gas and buy coffee.

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On long car trips, break the trip up into several legs. Stop in a hotel overnight or over several nights to give your back a rest from all of the driving. If you can’t break the trip up into several nights, switch drivers periodically to ensure that you’re engaging in different activities throughout the journey.

Plan a few extra pit stops into your route and you can get out and stretch or do some light exercises. If you are suffering from low back pain, be sure to stretch your hamstrings at least two times per day.

3-Pack Your Travel Relaxation Essentials without low back pain:

A neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs. Sleeping in a car, plane, or train can be difficult, so make it as easy as possible to relax and take a nap. Your body could use some much-needed refreshment and back pain relief.

4-Chiropractic Adjustments:

There are many benefits to receiving regular chiropractic care, and preventing low back pain is one of them! Chiropractic adjustments to the joints and spine release restriction and tension. You may not realize it, but the joints in your spine are constantly shifting and an adjustment will ensure your spine is in proper alignment.

Spinal health is always important, especially before you hit the road. Traveling with low back pain will surely put a damper on your holiday plans, so rather than sitting in discomfort, 

Come in for an adjustment the week of your departure and the week of your return. This will have your spine aligned and in the best shape possible so you can maximize your holiday enjoyment.

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