Sciatica Pain Treatment Dubai

Sciatica is typically characterized by a pain that travels down one or both legs and usually originates in the lower back or buttock. Patients with sciatica often report experiencing pain with varying levels of intensity and frequency. The pain can usually be described as dull, sharp or tender and in some cases, patients have noted experiencing pins and needles as well as burning sensations.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, our chiropractors in Dubai have many years of experience in treating the cause and symptoms of sciatica. Also referred to as neuropathy or neuralgia, sciatica is often mistaken for a disorder rather than a symptom of a disorder. To find out more about the causes of sciatica and the treatments that are available, read on below.

sciatica treatment

Causes of Sciatica

The sciatic nerve runs from each side of the lower spine and is regarded as the largest single nerve. Due to its proximity to the spine, it is susceptible to compression as a result of any spinal injury. Nerve compression involves the sciatic nerve being pinched – the level and type of pain experienced depends on the amount of compression that occurs.

Below are just some of the factors that can leave you needing treatment for sciatica in Dubai:

  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Tumours
  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Vertebral body or bodies that are misaligned

Other causes can include diabetes, constipation or an injury to the piriformis muscle which sits above the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica Treatments 

To start with, our Dubai chiropractors will begin by assessing your medical case history and performing a series of physical and neurological examinations. This is because sciatica can be caused by many different disorders and the nature of the disorder will ultimately determine the type of treatment that we provide.

If the cause is still unclear, we are well-equipped with a wide range of diagnostic equipment such as X-Ray machines, MRI and CT scanners. Once we have honed in on the cause of your sciatica, our team will devise a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. As a rule, we will always discuss these treatments with you first and walk you through our recommendations.

From spinal adjustment and ultrasounds to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, all of our treatments for sciatica in Dubai are non-invasive. The goal of these techniques is to help bolster your body’s ability to recover by itself so you can lead a normal life free from pain and discomfort.

To find out more about our treatments or to book an appointment, call Blue Tree Clinics today.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

If you’re searching for chiropractors in Dubai that are both knowledgeable and skilled, look no further than Blue Tree Clinics. Patients have been coming to see us about their issues with sciatica for over 17 years. In that time, we have endeavoured to provide high-quality treatments through the use of innovative techniques.

As a company, we invest heavily in the latest state-of-the-art technology, and we are always keeping up-to-speed with the latest advances in the field. This ensures that when you choose Blue Tree Clinics, you will have access to the best chiropractic care around. Furthermore, we are fully adaptable to your needs thanks to our holistic approach.

On top of that our Dubai chiropractors operate out of three conveniently situated clinics. We also recognise that not everyone has the time to fit appointments in around their busy schedule. For this reason, our clinics are open Sat-Thurs from 8am – 7pm.


“Living with sciatica has been a never-ending struggle for me leading to many sick days and sleepless nights. This ultimately drove me to seek out professional help. After a friend recommended Blue Tree Clinics I gave them a call. They were friendly, helpful and incredibly efficient – I honestly can’t recommend them enough.”

“Since I was diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome, I have suffered from awful sciatica. Some days, I can barely move without being in excruciating agony. Thanks to the guys at Blue Tree, my sciatica is now under control and no longer dictates the way in which I live my life.”