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Chiropractor performing a chiropractic adjustment on a patient that makes a popping sound.

Three (3) Credible Reasons Why Olympians Adopt Chiropractic Lifestyle.

Chiropractic Lifestyle is an essential form of healthy living that involves making a conscious effort  to work towards healthy living and wellness, rather than wait for health problems to occur. It’s a frontline approach towards health.

Olympians from the United States of America have benefited immensely from Chiropractic Lifestyle ever since the founder of Applied Kinesiology Dr. George Goodheart who practiced in Detroit and Grosse Pointe became the first appointed US Olympic team Chiropractor at the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

Chiropractic Lifestyle maximizes the future health potential of Olympians.


1 – Chiropractic Comes with Ample Health Benefits

One of the reasons why Olympians adopt Chiropractic Lifestyle is the utmost  care and health benefit they tend to achieve.  A good number of amateur and professional olympians that are not familiar with   Chiropractic Lifestyle are left  with damages and injuries that could actually be avoided.

Considering the prominent role of Chiropractic Lifestyle in today’s Olympic, Athletes go through regular body checks to guarantee positive growth and formation of the Vertebral Column (Spine) in a healthy, efficient and balanced way without affliction on the nerves and spinal cord.


2 – Chiropractic Helps to Keep You At Peak Performance

Also, Outstanding Olympic Star swimmer Micheal Phelps of the United States and Sprinter Usain Bolt of Jamaica make use of Chiropractic care to enable them remain at the peak of their sports. They use the Chiropractic Lifestyle to improve their performances. It also helps athletes reduce the risk of possible sickness and injuries.

Olympians, Coaches and Health Practitioners are now of the opinion that drugs and pain relievers are not the solution to sports injuries. These drugs only conceal the symptoms, then mislead the athletes into sport activities which could worsen the injury.


3 – Chiropractic Works Without the use of Drugs

The official chiropractor for the 2000 US Olympic medical staff identified as  Dr. Andrew Klein gave a reason as to why Olympians have taken to chiropractic. He said: it keeps them in top shape without the use of drugs. “Athletes have come to rely on manual therapy because the list of banned substances (for the Olympics) is so long, and also because they feel it enhances their performance.”

In addition, further study  has proven that spinal nerves are much more subdued to pressure than previously thought. Many athletes use chiropractic not only for rehabilitation purposes, but also because they feel it gives them an edge in their competitions.


Recently, Olympians who are actively involved in a Chiropractic Lifestyle received a one- tenth advancement in their total accomplishment during sports activities compared to those who do not undergo involved in Chiropractic sessions.

Olympic legends like Lance Armstrong, Usain Bolt, Kerri Walsh, Roger Craig and alot more are fully aware of the crucial benefits of Chiropractic Lifestyle in their life.



Olympic gold medalist, Dan O’ Brien said

“You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if   you’re not in alignment. Chiropractic is essential for my training”.

As a matter of fact, a list of professional and non professional Olympians won’t attempt going for a competition without being tutored by their Chiropractor.

Olympians who have the intention of living an exceptional life consider Chiropractic care an indispensable  aspect of their Lifestyle!