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Relieving Sinus Infection(Sinusitis) With Chiropractic Care.

Sinus infections or Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses, the hollow cavities in your skull. If fluid blocks the sinuses it can lead to infections that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. You can get sinusitis from allergies or the common cold, among other things.

Sinusitis is most common in people between the ages of 18 and 45. You can get acute sinusitis or have sinus issues that are more chronic. Chronic sinus conditions can be painful for people to handle, but in most cases, Chiropractors may just be able to help you find some relief.

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Here are some of the effective  ways that chiropractic care can help with the relief of sinus infections and much more:

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1- Trigger-Point Therapy:

By targeting areas around the neck and brain stem, chiropractors are able to encourage the body to relax and drain the sinus passages.  Once this excess fluid drains from the sinus cavity, the pressure is released and pain relief is felt.  Also, excess fluid in the sinus cavity can allow bacteria to develop.  Removing this fluid promotes better overall sinus health.

2- Chiropractic Techniques:

Targeting the mucous membranes and bones of the sinus cavities, chiropractors use manipulation of the upper spine with gentle pressure to stimulate the nerves leading to the sinus cavities to promote healing.  Bones in the facial region may also be targeted depending on the level of care needed.

Nasal-specific techniques can also be highly effective in treating sinusitis.  By using a combination of these techniques, along with chiropractic manipulation of the spine, chiropractors can successfully treat sinusitis without the use of drugs.  Many spinal manipulations of the neck can promote sinus drainage, which is the leading cause of pain and discomfort.  Often, once the sinus cavity is relieved of pressure, patients report pain relief.

3- Light-Force Cranial Manipulation:

Chiropractors use this method to relieve pressure in the sinus cavity.  By adjusting the skull bones around the nasal passage, any cranial misalignments can be corrected allowing the body to begin healing.  Chiropractors have found that manipulating the bones that directly touch the sinus cavity can bring a patient relief.

4- Improves the Immune System:

In addition to a chiropractic adjustment for sinusitis, sinus infections, congestion, and routine colds are all issues that no immune system wants to handle on its own. It is not very well known, but chiropractic care can have a great impact on a person’s immune system.

At Blue Tree Clinic Dubai, our chiropractors are sure to give you a special gift of a boosted immune system that helps you get over your colds quicker and promote your overall health.

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Suffering from sinus infections? Kindly visit us at Blue Tree Clinic to discuss your treatment options with one of our highly qualified chiropractors. They might be able to offer you some other treatment alternatives that are natural and drug-free to help you find absolute relief.

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