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Here Are Five (5) Key Reasons To Choose A Physiotherapist For Pain Management 2023

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Physiotherapists are experts in the management of pains. The effective management of pain depends on the comprehension of why people go through pain.

However, pain does not necessarily mean the occurrence of physical injury, it can also be a warning sign to alert us of potential damage and to protect us from injuries.

Pains are regular signs and symptoms that lead a person to seek the assistance of a health professional or a physical therapist.

After the nature and cause of the illness has been identified, a physiotherapist will work with you to formulate a treatment plan to help manage the pain.

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Below are credible  reasons to choose a Physiotherapist for Pain Management:

1- Guidance and Treatments for Acute Pain:

Physiotherapists play a vital role in the treatment of acute pain, after thoroughly examining the injured tissues (e.g, muscles and bones), they make a treatment plan on how to reduce pains and address the root of the symptoms to prevent recurrence and promote healing in the affected area and also create guidelines on how you can safely return to your normal daily  activity.

Research has shown that people who return to their normal daily activities more quickly following injury recover faster and have fewer long-term problems than people who do not return to activity in a timely manner.

Physiotherapists will assist you in identifying positions that work better for you, and also suggest exercises to aid the injured tissues heal completely.

2- Chronic Pain Treatments:

Chronic pains are prolonged pains, they persist beyond the normal time that tissues take to heal after an injury. When pain continues after the duration of 3-6 months, it is identified as “chronic” by pain specialists.

Physiotherapist tackles Chronic pain that includes muscle weakness, fear, previous injuries,negative emotions, movement patterns and other social or behavioural factors that can lead to prolonged pain by creating treatment plans like manual therapy, massages and light exercises to alleviate pain.

Research has shown that positive changes occur in  the brain after patients are educated on the reason and causes of the pain.

3- Psychologically Informed Physical Therapy:

Physiotherapists are professionals, and are eager to work with you to address factors like fear, depression and anxiety that may be adding to your pain. Discoursing these factors has proved its ability to minimize the number of pain an individual experiences.

Research continually states that pain is closely tied to, and influenced by psychological factors such as fear.

4- Understanding Pain:

Physiotherapists educate and help you understand reasons why you experience pain in your joints, muscles and soft tissues. Understanding  pain will enlighten you on how to manage and surmount it. They give you advice on movements and exercises that minimizes pain and keeps you moving.

5- Graded Exposure:

Living with chronic pain is difficult and so naturally you want to avoid making your pain worse. Physiotherapists use Graded exposure therapy  to help you face your fears in a steady way, It can be used for any sort of anxiety but is often used to break the pain cycle by tackling fear based avoidance which so often brings out chronic pain.

This physiotherapy  approach aids the reduction of pain, and restores  the ability to perform everyday activities.

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