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Health Benefits Of Nordic Pole Walking.

Nordic Walking is a very popular and rapidly growing form of exercise around the globe, which can bring huge health benefits for people of all ages and different fitness levels. Over 145 million adults include walking in their exercise regime, and at least 60 percent of people walk for fun, to get from place to place, or to relax. Walking is one of the very best exercises you can participate in to improve your health. It’s low-impact and free of cost, and you can control the speed and intensity of movement.

Health Benefits Of Nordic Pole Walking.

Also, regular walking can help you manage hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and pain and stiffness in your joints and muscles. 

To receive the health benefits of walking, it’s necessary to walk for at least 30 minutes per day, two or three days a week, but even a 10-minute walking sport is good for you.

Some Health Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking includes:

  1. Burns 30-46% more calories with Nordic Poling than regular walking
  2. Reduces impact on knee and hip joints
  3. Improves muscle tone, core muscles.
  4. Speeds up weight loss
  5. Increases overall fitness
  6. Manages pain naturally
  7. Improves many medical conditions.
  8. Decreases load and strain on the lower body
  9. Tones upper arms, shoulders, and back muscles]
  10. Improves lateral mobility of the spine
  11. Develops core stability and strength
  12. Promotes an upright posture
  13. Uses 90% of your muscles for a highly effective full-body workout


Other Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking:

  • Easy to transport & travel with, just lower your poles & pack with your favorite walking shoes
  • Relatively low cost to start up (cost of poles can average $50-150) & maintenance (new “feet” for the poles when needed, about $3-10 per pair)
  • Great to do on your own or with a group
  • See the great outdoors
  • Can be done year-round, depending on how bundled you are willing to get!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“People who are physically active live longer and have a lower risk for heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, and some cancers.” 

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Physiotherapists have recommended Nordic Pole Walking for many years as an excellent form of low impact activity that improves health and fitness. Nordic Pole Walking provides a total body and cardiovascular workout all in ONE  activity and can be beneficial to virtually any level of fitness and physical capability.


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