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Oral Surgery

While most visits to the dentist will usually be fairly routine, now and then, an issue might develop that requires more specialist care. Whether you’re living with painful wisdom teeth or are suffering from discomfort related to your jawbone, we are here to help. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we provide a comprehensive range of services for oral surgery in Dubai.

Every procedure is carried out by our team of highly trained professionals in a clean and sterile environment. We use the very latest cutting-edge equipment as well as surgical techniques that have been widely pioneered and endorsed throughout the industry. To learn more about the individual services that we provide, continue reading below.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Everyone is born with a set of four wisdom teeth that usually start to emerge somewhere between a person’s late teens and early twenties. For some, the wisdom teeth will emerge causing a brief period of pain and discomfort before finally settling into place. However, for the majority of people, oral surgery in Dubai will be the likely option.

This is because, in most cases, all of the adult teeth will have fully emerged leaving no space for the wisdom teeth (which are roughly the same size as your molars). As such, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common procedures carried out by dentists. Where there is insufficient room, wisdom teeth can either emerge at an angle or become impacted, which is where the teeth only partially emerge.

Symptoms can include swelling, pain and infection with the possibility of damage occurring to the surrounding teeth, gums and bone. If left unchecked, cysts and tumors can develop causing even more pain and discomfort. At Blue Tree Clinics, we provide the very best oral surgery Dubai has seen and will usually carry out wisdom teeth removal while under general anesthesia.


Tooth Loss

For tooth loss, you might have considered bridges or dentures, but have you ever considered dental implants? You may have heard stories about implants, but we’d like to assure you that dental implants have come a long way in recent years. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we can fit an implant that is tailored to your needs. These provide outstanding results and look 100% natural.

Whether you have been in an accident or suffered an infection, you’ll receive the best possible solution from our professionals. We provide tooth root substitutes that are surgically anchored in place. This ensures maximum stability and guarantees that they the replacement tooth/ teeth will not come out.


Jaw Problems

Jaw problems can be broken down into three categories – unequal jaw growth, poorly fitting dentures and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.


Unequal jaw growth

In some cases, areas of the jaw do not develop fully leading to an imbalance which can impact day-to-day activities such as eating and speaking. More seriously, it can also affect a person’s ability to breathe and swallow correctly. At Blue Tree Clinics, we provide oral surgery in Dubai to correct unequal jaw growth.

This is performed under general anesthesia and involves repositioning either a portion or all of the jawbone. In doing so, functionality can be either partially or fully restored providing the patient with much-needed relief.


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

TMJ disorders are characterized as a dysfunction that occurs within the small joint that is located in front the ear. Patients who suffer from TMJ disorders often report experiencing headaches and facial pain on a regular basis. At Blue Tree Clinics, we can provide oral surgery in Dubai to correct more advanced cases that have progressed beyond medication.


Poorly fitting dentures

Dentures can be poorly fitting usually for one of two reasons. For patients who have never had dentures before, the set may not have been correctly adjusted to fit the mouth properly. This can usually be resolved through fixing any irregularities with the jaw that would interfere with the dentures fitting correctly.

The second reason often encountered by our Dubai oral surgery specialists is to do with deterioration in the supporting bone. This usually occurs in patients who have had a set of dentures for many years and can be easily corrected through the insertion of bone grafts to reinforce the supporting tissue.

In addition to the above, our oral surgery Dubai team can also address a wide range of other issues too such as:

  • Removal and biopsy of lesions
  • Repairs for cleft lips and cleft palates
  • Facial infections
  • Sleep apnea and more


All treatments will be preceded by a full consultation and examination in which we will discuss with you the best possible treatment option. We will also provide you with alternative suggestions as well as answer any questions that you might have about the procedure.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

When it comes to the future of your health, only the finest option will do. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we put our patients at the heart of everything we do. From investing in state-of-the-art equipment and hand-selecting the finest professionals to sourcing the latest industry updates and techniques, you won’t find a better service anywhere else.

Established in Dubai back in 2004, we have been carrying out professional oral surgery in Dubai for well over a decade. In that time, we have amassed an exceptional reputation with more and more patients choosing to place their dental care in our capable hands. At Blue Tree Clinics, we boast a team of friendly, qualified and certified experts all of whom are among the brightest minds in their respective fields.

As a rule, we are committed to providing proactive, holistic healthcare to help our patients lead healthy and productive lives. Thanks to our multi-faceted approach, you can rest easy knowing that you’re healthcare goals are being well taken care of.



“What a fantastic service from a team who really understand the meaning of professionalism. When my wisdom teeth erupted, I half expected to be left waiting for weeks to have them removed. Instead, the team were both prompt and courteous. From the moment I had my initial consultation, the guys bent over backwards to make everything happen. After using Blue Tree Clinics, I will never again use anyone else for my dental care.” – Tyler

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