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Effective Chiropractic Care For The Management of Diabetes.


Surprised that Diabetes and chiropractic care work well together? You don’t have to…Diabetes can be a serious health issue that has either been developed as a young child (typically referred to as juvenile diabetes, or developed later in age from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Effective Chiropractic Care For The Management of Diabetes.

There are two forms of diabetes, both crippling in their own way.  Type 1 diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin, as the body is unable to create it naturally, whereas Type 2 diabetes occurs because the body responds incorrectly to insulin.  Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are rooted in the function, or rather lack of proper function, of the pancreas, which is responsible for producing insulin and maintaining blood sugar levels.


Either way, those that suffer from diabetes have to take great caution in maintaining healthy levels of glucose (sugar) in order to risk serious damage to their bodies.


Our bodies are like a living domino effect. Once something begins to feel off, something else starts to ache, etc. The nerves in your neck and musculoskeletal system are essential to your health because they provide the energy for your body to produce insulin and digest fats and proteins, and when they seem disturbed, this could mean bad news for diabetics.

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Ever wondered if there was a way that you could help control your blood sugars without the extra medications?’re right.

Chiropractic care may help in stabilizing healthy levels of blood sugar in both patients that suffer from diabetes and those that do not.

Chiropractic treatment options For Diabetes include:

  • The correction of the misalignments of the spine (also known as vertebral subluxation. This type of treatment helps the relationship between the nervous system and organs.


  • Chiropractic care is focused on allowing our spine and nerves to work to their best ability, this, in turn, helps with not only allowing our organs to function but to their best ability. Along with helping with the optimal functioning of our organs, realigning the spine may also help with increasing our immune system effectiveness and our hormone functions.


  • Certain forms of diabetes, namely Type 2 diabetes, are caused by health concerns such as lack of physical activity or increased weight gain.  However, eating healthy and frequent exercises are effective ways to get rid of Type 2 diabetes, and the efforts put forth can be aided and maximized by chiropractic care. 


Conclusively, Chiropractic Care involves removing misalignments and restoring nerve function in order to increase pancreatic function. Most times, people use medication and insulin to treat or control Diabetics, but they don’t solve the problem long-term. 

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Chiropractic care can alleviate the root cause of diabetes, even allowing some to stop taking medication or insulin.  As a matter of fact, both children and adults alike have seen the benefits of chiropractic care in managing diabetic symptoms.


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