Around 30 or so years ago, cases of asthma were far less frequent than they are today. The sight of a person using an inhaler is something that we, nowadays, tend to acknowledge as being part of the norm. This increase in documented cases is due to a number of factors such as increased air pollution, genetics, damp and mould and even the chemicals that are added to food and drink.

Asthma is characterised as a chronic lung condition which has numerous triggers such as allergens, airborne irritants, food allergies, food additives, infections, etc. These triggers can result in a reaction ranging from slight wheeziness to a full blown attack in which the individual’s life is in immediate danger.

It’s worth noting that asthma cannot be cured, but here at Blue Tree Clinics, our chiropractors in Dubai have had much success in helping to alleviate the symptoms. You can learn more about what we can do for you by reading on below.


There are many causes of asthma, and as well as the more conventional methods such as inhalers, chiropractic medicine also demonstrates clear and undeniable benefits. The causes of asthma in Dubai and worldwide include, but are not limited to:

  • Bronchiolitis (usually develops in childhood)
  • Hereditary (family history of asthma or other atopic conditions)
  • Exposure to tobacco while in the womb
  • Exposure to cigarette/ cigar smoke during childhood
  • Suffer from another atopic condition such as eczema
  • Stress and anxiety

Whatever the cause, the symptoms are usually consistent with all people living with asthma and include trouble breathing, tightness in the chest, coughing, wheezing, etc.


You might be wondering how problems associated with the back can affect the symptoms of asthma. One thing that is worth noting is that any issues such as a slipped disc can place pressure on the nerves which will cause issues elsewhere in the body. As well as chest pains, tightening of the chest as a result of back problems can further exacerbate the symptoms of asthma by restricting the lungs and airway.

The solution? Here at Blue Tree Clinics, our Dubai chiropractors our skilled at what they do and able to provide you with the best treatments for your asthma. While asthma is incurable, the symptoms can be largely alleviated through correct posture, spinal realignment and other innovative techniques.

So that you receive the right treatment for you specific needs, our specialist will start by providing you with a full physical assessment. Your family history will be taken into account, and you’ll be asked questions concerning your lifestyle. A bespoke treatment plan will be created with the purpose of alleviating nerve pressure and restoring full organ functionality.

Those living with asthma in Dubai will also receive nutritional advice as well as coaching in regards to stress management and correct seating posture. With our treatments, you’ll feel energised and fully prepared for whatever life has in store.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

If you’re searching for an atmosphere that promotes quality, there is one name in Dubai that aims to deliver – Blue Tree Clinics. Founded in 2000, we have operated out of Dubai since 2004 providing remarkable treatments to those living with asthma. Our team of practised chiropractors are both professional and knowledgeable in their approach.

As one of the leading clinics in the country, our chiropractors in Dubai are always here to help you achieve the results that you desire. Whether you’re looking to reclaim your lost health or simply work towards your healthcare goals, we are here to help. If your asthma is linked to back problems, we won’t just treat the symptoms – we’ll also treat the cause too.

With access to the most up-to-date technology and the very latest equipment, Blue Tree Clinics will help you to achieve the results that you seek.


“I’ve suffered from asthma ever since I was a child but I’ve always found it easier to manage. After speaking with the team at Blue Tree Clinics about a pain in my back I was shocked to learn that a slipped disc was also antagonising my asthma. The service was fantastic and I always felt like I was in capable hands – with the help of Blue Tree, my back pain has now subsided and my asthma is back under control again”

“Until I stepped foot inside the Blue Tree clinic I would never have imagined that my lower back pain was triggering my asthma attacks. Following a consultation I was informed that the tightness in my chest was a result of a spinal misalignment which the team were able to correct without too much issue. I’m now free from the pain, tightness and am able to breathe a lot better than before.”