Dr. Trishul Vadi

Dr. Trishul Vadi

Dr. Trishul Vadi

Dr. Trishul Vadi

Chiropractor 18 years of experience
(BOst, MChiro, PG Cert HE)

Dr. Trishul Vadi

Dr. Trishul Vadi is a passionate Doctor of Chiropractic at Blue Tree Clinics, where he dedicates himself to fostering health and wellness through personalized chiropractic care, tailored to help each patient achieve their optimal well-being.

In 2024, Dr. Trishul Vadi made the exciting decision to relocate with his family from their home in London to Dubai. Upon arrival, he found himself in the enviable position of being highly sought after by several prestigious clinics in the area. After careful consideration, he chose to join the Blue Tree Clinics team, as their philosophy closely aligned with his own approach to chiropractic care. Dr. Trishul Vadi considers it an honor to collaborate with Dr. Ahmed Fares and the esteemed team at Blue Tree Clinics, knowing that together, they can continue providing chiropractic services at the highest level possible. He firmly believes that every patient deserves evidence-based care that addresses their unique needs and is committed to upholding this standard of excellence at Blue Tree Clinics.

Experience and Expertise

With a career spanning years of service, Dr. Trishul Vadi has had the privilege of assessing and treating a diverse range of conditions using various techniques. As the Former Clinic Director at AVID Clinic Limited, London (UK), and a Tutor and Examiner at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (UK), he has honed a profound understanding of chiropractic care, along with adept leadership, patient care, and educational skills. Notably, Dr. Trishul Vadi has interacted with over 11,000 patients and performed over 240,000 adjustments, attesting to his extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Recognition and Influence

Becoming the “Go To” expert in his area for both patients and colleagues has been a gratifying journey for Dr. Trishul Vadi. Many colleagues would visit his clinic in London (UK) to understand how he achieved better-than-industry-average results with his patients. This recognition underscores his dedication to delivering exceptional care and achieving clinical excellence. In 2019, Dr. Trishul Vadi was selected by TikTok to represent educational health information for the audience on their platform.

Education and Qualifications

Dr. Trishul Vadi’s academic journey includes a Masters in Chiropractic from the esteemed McTimoney College of Chiropractic, UK (2012), and a Bachelors of Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy, UK (2006). Additionally, he pursued a Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education from the University of Greenwich, UK (2013), ensuring his continuous growth and staying abreast of the latest advancements in chiropractic care.

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Trishul Vadi’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through prestigious accolades such as the 2022 Ryan Rieder Award, the 2020 Mayor of Bromley Borough of London Award, and the 2017 BNI Award. Furthermore, his dedication was acknowledged early in his career as he was honored with the Golden Patella Hammer Award upon graduating as an Osteopathy student in 2006. Additionally, he has been nominated for the Institute of Osteopathy’s Practice of the Year Award, recognizing his commitment to excellence in practice.

Skills and Specializations

Dr. Trishul Vadi’s expertise spans a spectrum of techniques including HVLAT, Diversified, Activator Method, and Toggle Torque Recoil, enabling him to tailor treatment plans to suit the individual needs of each patient.

Multilingual Communication

Fluency in English, Gujarati, and Hindi allows Dr. Trishul Vadi to create an inclusive environment for all patients, ensuring effective communication and understanding throughout their treatment journey.

Spare Time Pursuits

In his spare time, Dr. Trishul Vadi cherishes moments with his young family, exploring various vegan restaurants and experimenting with recipes. He also indulges in his passion for playing basketball and enjoys the vibrant energy of Bollywood dancing.

Get in Touch

Dr. Trishul Vadi is thrilled to be part of the Blue Tree Clinics team, where he can continue making a positive impact on the lives of his patients. If you’re seeking proven evidence based chiropractic care focused on achieving optimal health and wellness, he warmly invites you to schedule an appointment with him at Blue Tree Clinics. Let’s embark on the journey to a healthier, happier you.