RF (Slimming Treatment)

In today’s modern age, there are many fantastic methods for shedding those unwanted pounds. If diets and exercise just aren’t cutting it for you and you need a little helping hand, then RF treatment in Dubai is for you. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we are the number one choice for RF treatments that really do deliver noticeable results.

This new and innovative technology is a fantastic non-surgical alternative to liposuction that is designed to reduce fat and cellulite without the lengthy recovery time. In addition, you’ll also experience improved contouring and an overall more desirable body shape. RF treatment Dubai residents can depend on can be used in conjunction with other techniques or as a stand-alone treatment.

It is a deep, controlled form of heating the fatty layers of the skin to bring about the tightening of tissues and increase blood circulation. To learn more about the RF treatment in Dubai offered by Blue Tree Clinics, read on below.


How does RF treatment work?

So you’ve heard about RF treatment and how it can yield great benefits to those aiming to lose weight, but how exactly does it work? RF energy is an alternating current that is configured above the response time of neuromuscular structures. Because it is configured this way, it can be used safely without the risk of electrocution or uncontrolled neuromuscular stimulation.

RF treatment in Dubai involves introducing this energy to the body which, in turn, acts as a natural conductor creating an electrical circuit. As resistance is generated at points along this circuit, heat is created and causes a build-up of pressure. This pressure acts on the fat cells causing them to eventually liquefy emptying their contents into the bloodstream.

The contents are then processed and disposed of as waste by the lymphatic system. Unlike laser therapy, RF energy is able to achieve sufficient penetration without causing damage to the skin’s surface. This makes RF treatment in Dubai the perfect choice for those looking to lose weight, tighten the skin and improve the underlying tissue structure.



As with any treatment, we always suggest that we begin with an initial consultation. This will give us the opportunity to carefully assess your needs, discuss treatment options and review your medical history. A review of your history is necessary to ascertain whether there are any reasons as to why you should not receive this treatment.

Before and after photos may also be taken for future comparison. Once the consultation is concluded, we will create a treatment schedule that is convenient for you. Prior to each treatment session, we always suggest that you avoid anything that might irritate your skin – for instance, sunbathing. For women, you should be mindful of when your menstrual cycle falls as the skin can often become sensitive making the procedure more painful to undergo.

A topical anaesthetic cream is often applied though this will depend on your pain threshold. To avoid chafing, the specialist will also apply a lubricating gel, oil or cream to the target area. The RF treatment in Dubai will then be carried out and will often take no longer than 60 minutes per session. Once done, a gel or lotion will be applied to help with any irritation that might result from the procedure.

Treatments will vary from patient to patient though we normally suggest between eight and ten sessions. This will be discussed with you in further detail during your consultation and before you start your treatments. Mild redness may be experienced for a short time afterwards. In most cases, recovery time is minimal, and most patients can return to work the same day.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

If you’re searching for an RF treatment Dubai residents can trust, look no further than the experts at Blue Tree Clinics. We have a well-earned reputation for providing our patients with high-quality treatments that help to improve their quality of life. Whether you’re dealing with back problems, severe skin allergies or are looking to tone up your bingo wings; we’re here to help.

At Blue Tree Clinics, we take a holistic approach that aims to treat the underlying cause as well as the symptoms. Our multi-skilled team of highly trained professionals will listen carefully to your needs and suggest treatments that really do work. We believe in providing first-class pro-active care that serves to anticipate rather than react to your needs.

With the latest equipment and knowledge of the most current techniques, you can be confident that you’re receiving the finest RF treatment Dubai has to offer. To find out more, get in touch with our team today.



“After trying out laser therapy, I found that I was unhappy with the results. During a consultation with Blue Tree, they suggested that RF treatment would be far more beneficial to me and they weren’t wrong. I am over the moon with the results and can’t recommend these guys enough.” – Hillman

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