Red Carpet Facial

Are you looking for that ‘camera ready’ look? With results that are praised by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, the red carpet facial is your ticket to looking like a million dollars. The red carpet facial in Dubai provided by Blue Tree Clinics is the crème de la crème of facial treatments. Popular with the likes of Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks and Viola Davis, the red carpet facial will leave you with the ultimate glow as well healthier and younger looking skin.

At Blue Tree Clinics, you’ll discover a red carpet facial like no other. For a red carpet facial Dubai will be simply amazed by, pick up the phone and give us a call today. Alternatively, continue reading below to learn more about what a red carpet facial entails.


What does a red carpet facial involve?

So, what is it that makes this particular facial so effective? Simple, the red carpet facial in Dubai is arguably one of the most comprehensive skin rejuvenation treatments around. This three-step process is designed to overhaul your skin and leave your face looking ‘camera ready’ – perfect for any special, upcoming event.

Included are the basic aspects of a regular facial and much more, so you can enjoy a multitude of benefits from a single treatment. What sets the Dubai red carpet facial provided by Blue Tree Clinics apart from other facials is the three-step process which combines peels, a neutralizing serum and a face mask.

The red carpet facial in Dubai is widely endorsed by big name actors, actresses, musicians and more – and you just have to see the results for yourself to understand why. Firstly, the facial promotes cell turnover while soothing and nourishing the skin and stimulating the production of collagen. Combined, these effects reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts and more.

All the while, providing you with a gorgeous glow that will have you turning heads as you walk down the street. If this all sounds rather appealing, then see below as we have provided more information about the treatment we offer.



The first step towards that ultimate glow is an in-depth consultation with one of our board-certified specialists. We can schedule this for a time that is convenient for you, so if you’re looking to slot it into your lunch break, you can! The consultation will give us an opportunity to discuss your concerns, assess your skin and walk you through the benefits of our treatment plan.

If a red carpet facial in Dubai is something that you takes your fancy then we’ll get you scheduled in for a treatment at a time that fits around your busy schedule. The treatment should take around 30-60 minutes and you’ll be free to go about the rest of your day once finished.

As mentioned above, the three-step process begins with a series of a peels which are designed to promote cell turnover as gently as possible. Next, a neutralizing serum will be injected into the skin with the purpose of soothing and nourishing the skin. Finally, a mask containing anti-ageing ingredients will be applied to the face to improve overall skin texture.

Those who undertake the red carpet facial Dubai will notice results almost immediately, and these will typically last for up to 3 months. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we suggest that a facial is carried out once a month to maintain the best results possible. We will be happy to discuss the frequency of further treatments during your consultation.

Please be aware that while a red carpet facial in Dubai is suitable for most people, you should inform us if one of the following applies to you:

  • Pregnant
  • Diabetic
  • Allergic to aspirin


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we are on a mission to guide you towards optimal health and overall better well-being. Whether you’re seeking help with a particular condition or simply wish to lead a healthier life, we have a wide range of treatment packages to suit your needs. Thanks to our holistic, multi-service approach, you can expect health care rather than disease care with proactive measures that are intended to pre-empt problems before they occur.

From issues with your back to conditions that affect your skin, our team includes the very best specialists spanning a wide range of fields. With a passion for excellence and a firm commitment to promoting absolute quality, you can rest assured that you won’t find better treatments anywhere else. We put our patients at the heart of everything we do, and will ensure that you are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity.



“I’ve always been envious of the way celebrities always seem to look their best every single day. I was desperate to discover their secret, until one day, I learnt about the red carpet facial. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. Plus, the team at Blue Tree are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable – without a doubt the best choice for those seeking the best facial around.” – D. Harkness

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