Have you heard about Mesotherapy? Mesotherapy in Dubai is the latest cosmetic treatment that has taken the world by storm. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we are at the forefront of this fantastic innovation and are proud to offer this as part of our extensive range of aesthetic and laser therapies.

The process is quite simple; essential ingredients are injected into the subcutaneous layers of the skin – ingredients that have been shown to improve the health and appearance of your skin. This is a great option that is perfect for men and women of all ages looking to regain that natural shape and glow.

If you live with wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes or other imperfections, then Mesotherapy in Dubai is the treatment you’ve been waiting for. To find out more about how it works and what we can do for you, read on below.


How does Mesotherapy work?

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we are committed to providing Mesotherapy Dubai residents can rely on. The procedure that we follow is not only straightforward but highly effective too. In a nutshell, it involves a series of microinjections that introduce a range of ingredients including coenzymes, nucleic acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, C, E and K and much more.

Our skilled team will apply these injections to the epidermal layer of the skin. The purpose of Mesotherapy in Dubai is to deliver the ingredients to the right area so that they penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin. As this process takes place, it deeply moisturises the skin. This results in increased collagen and elastin production.

Skin texture and elasticity will be improved, and a healthier and more youthful appearance will be observed.



At Blue Tree Clinics, we are the most trusted choice for Mesotherapy Dubai has to offer. This is thanks to our bespoke approach to each and every patient. Before the commencement of your treatment, we will carry out a full examination and consultation. This will involve an assessment of your skin type as well as questions regarding your lifestyle and diet.

Once we have a frame of reference to work from, our skilled therapists will devise a treatment plan that is tailored to you. Mesotherapy in Dubai is handled completely in-house and typically does not require anaesthesia – meaning you’ll be free to go about the rest of your day unhindered. We advise patients that it is normal to experience a mild pricking sensation throughout.

Typically in the lead up to your treatment and during the post-treatment phase we suggest that patients refrain from consuming alcohol or other stimulants. A low-fat diet should be adhered to, and plenty of water should be consumed to help rid the body of toxins. The treated area should be shielded from the sun if possible, and sunscreen (with a high SPF rating) applied if exposure cannot be avoided.

Results will vary, but patients can expect to notice the skin becoming firmer and smoother as well as an improved glow and greater elasticity. Our Mesotherapy Dubai treatments will even work with post-traumatic skin as well as mature skin. Mild redness may be present as will some minor bruising, but this will subside in a few days.


Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

Four years after Blue Tree Clinics was founded in Canada, we made the transition to Dubai. Today, we are regarded as one of the leading clinics thanks to our multi-service approach that is committed to delivering holistic treatments that meet our patient’s every need. With the latest technology, we are constantly redefining what is possible. We are actively pioneering the latest techniques with the goal of helping our patients lead normal lives.

From healthcare imaging and electrotherapy to ultrasounds and shockwave treatment, we provide so much and more. With our team of board-certified specialists, we are the number one provider of dermatological treatments including Mesotherapy in Dubai. When you choose Blue Tree Clinics, we will support you on your journey. You can be confident in the results regardless of your age, condition or goals.

Our pro-active approach is favoured over a reactive approach so that we can provide our patients with healthcare rather than disease care. To find out more about what we have to offer, give Blue Tree Clinics a call today.



“I spoke with Blue Tree after a friend recommended them to me. The team were most helpful and eager to help. Thanks to the Mesotherapy I received, I was able to roll back the clock and hold on to my youthful looks.” – Baxtin

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