Eye Treatment

Your eyes tell a story, and as we grow older, they certainly have a lot to say. Sadly, imperfections such as eye bags and dark circles are part and parcel of growing older. But they by no means have to spoil your day, not when eye treatment in Dubai is readily accessible with just one phone call to Blue Tree Clinics.

A change in the size of the bony orbit or an increase in orbital fat can lead to these imperfections occurring. The result is a face that looks worn and tired with puffy bags under the eyes. For many, this can have a knock-on effect on their self-esteem causing them to feel less confident about themselves.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we provide the most effective eye treatment Dubai has to offer. Our treatments are designed to target and reverse many of the imperfections that affect the eyes. To find out more about what we can do for you, as well as the treatments we offer, read on below.

What causes a decline in the appearance of your eyes?

One thing that is always worth bearing in mind is that there are different causes that can affect whether or not imperfections appear and to what extent. For instance, a decrease in volume or a loss of fat, typically underneath the eye or around the cheeks. Excess fat can create bulging, or thinning of the skin under the eye can lead to sagging. Laxity of the lower eyelid is another common cause.

It’s also worth noting, that eye treatment in Dubai may be required as a direct result of a lifestyle choice or a medical condition. Lifestyle choices that can affect the eyes include smoking, poor diet, sunbathing, caffeine and alcohol consumption. Medical conditions include, but are not limited to allergies, nasal congestion, eczema and melasma.

What sort of eye treatment in Dubai do we offer?

Before we can recommend the right treatment, we first suggest that you book an initial consultation to help us to assess your needs. This includes a full examination of your eyes and we will use this opportunity to discuss the treatment options that are available to you. We will then devise a treatment plan that is suited to your needs.

Topical Creams

One such eye treatment Dubai residents can opt for when they choose Blue Tree Clinics are specialist creams. These are usually used to treat dark circles that are caused by melasma or sun damage. These specialist creams possess bleaching properties and are available in higher concentrations then what is available over the counter.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, is an eye treatment in Dubai that is designed to target broken veins or darkish circles under the eyes. Where blood vessels are apparent, we suggest IPL, as this specialist laser treatment will reduce the outward signs of dark circles.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers

Hyaluronic acid facial fillers are a temporary solution that usually lasts for up to one year. This is an injectable eye treatment in Dubai that is designed to treat dark circles that result from a thinning of the eye skin. Other situations in which this treatment is used include fat or tissue loss from the cheeks or under the eye.

Facelift (Non-Surgical)

A non-surgical option to the standard facelift, this is one eye treatment Dubai patients can rely on to deliver fantastic results. Primarily geared towards treating eye bags, this treatment will improve skin texture through the application of micro-currents that stimulate the relevant muscles.

Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing involves a chemical skin peel that is intended to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This process creates a controlled wound that stimulates the body’s natural healing process and promotes the production of collagen. The increase in collagen helps to reduce pigmentation, and thanks to increased elastin production; the skin becomes tighter too.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

For an eye treatment in Dubai that is the best around, look no further than Blue Tree Clinics. Since 2004, our exceptionally talented and practised team have provided high-quality treatments to residents throughout Dubai. Our specialists operate out of three locations conveniently situated across the city. We also keep longer opening times, so scheduling in your treatments has never been easier.

At Blue Tree Clinics, we take a pro-active approach to providing health care as opposed to disease care. Whatever you need from us, we’ll sit with you and listen carefully to help us best understand your specific needs. From dermatology and orthopedics to the most reliable eye treatment Dubai has seen, our knowledge of the most current techniques is unrivalled.

Best of all is that we have access to the very latest technologies the industry has to offer. Our board-certified specialists set us apart from other clinics, and our friendly, efficient and methodical approach ensures that your health care goals are always met.

To find out more about our eye treatment in Dubai, give Blue Tree Clinics a call today and speak to our helpful team.


“Whenever I’d look in the mirror, I’d feel deflated by what I saw – dark circles and unsightly bags under my eyes. I was always self-conscious but not any more thanks to the terrific eye treatments provided by Blue Tree Clinics. Now I feel confident in my appearance.”