Are you looking for that Hollywood glow? Do you want a treatment that will leave you feeling like a million dollars? Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we offer the luxuriously incredible 24K Gold Facial treatment in Dubai. Gold is seen as a symbol of wealth, but did you know that it also has amazing health benefits too? Harking back to the days of Cleopatra, gold has been widely used as a beauty therapy for many centuries.

It is said that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask to maintain her beautiful appearance. From Rome to ancient China, the benefits of gold have been reaped by many for years; and now you too can enjoy the benefits of a 24K Gold Facial. As well as an improved glow and complexion, you’ll also enjoy skin that looks younger and firmer.

So, discover for yourself why gold is such a popular choice for many Hollywood celebrities and book a 24K Gold Facial in Dubai today with Blue Tree Clinics.

What makes a 24K Gold Facial the right choice for you?

So what is it that makes a 24K Gold Facial such a popular choice for looking young and beautiful? Gold is a soft metal that has many proven benefits that help with both tissue structure and the skin’s appearance. It is has a quick absorption rate which allows it to get to work fast and is the most natural way of firming and brightening the skin.

Here at Blue Tree Clinics, we provide the most effective 24K Gold Facial Dubai residents have experienced. These facials will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate blood circulation, detoxify the body and help with draining the lymph nodes. Faster growth is also encouraged, and a 24K Gold Facial will aid in skin regeneration.

This is all thanks to the higher concentration of essential minerals which are delivered at a rate that is far quicker than other cosmetic solutions. As a result of these treatments, collagen and elastin depletion will be slowed eliminating the appearance of tiredness and leaving your skin with a fantastic glow.


All visits start with a full consultation so we can assess your skin type and tailor a treatment plan that is right for you. Once a plan has been created, we will schedule you in at a time that is convenient for you. At Blue Tree Clinics, we boast longer opening hours and have three clinics conveniently situated across Dubai. This affords you with the luxury of being able to pick and choose when to receive your 24K Gold Facial.

At the start of every session, we begin by gently exfoliating the skin to remove any debris such as dead skin cells. Next, a specialist gel is applied which aids in hydrating the skin before the gold mask is applied. Afterwards, we apply various cosmetic products to the skin to provide the finishing touches and leave your skin feeling magnificent.

The beauty of a 24K Gold Facial in Dubai is that there are no risks to consider whatsoever. Plus, these facials are far more cost-effective when compared to surgical methods. This makes the 24K Gold Facial the best all-around choice for achieving that natural glow as well as younger and firmer looking skin.

Why choose Blue Tree Clinics?

What makes Blue Tree Clinics the number one choice for a 24K Gold Facial in Dubai? Is it our access to state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees first-class results? Or perhaps our knowledge of the most cutting-edge techniques around? Quite simply, it is for these two reasons and more. Here at Blue Tree Clinics, your healthcare goals are our goals, and we’re here whenever you need us to help you achieve the results that you desire.

Whether you are struggling with issues to do with your back or living with the struggle of hair loss, you can expect to be treated with both dignity and respect. Our honest and pro-active approach enables us to stay ahead of whatever is affecting you. This ensures that you’re free to go about your daily life without the worry of what comes next.

Of course, we understand that for many of our patients, looking their best is important to them. So, if you’re searching for the most incredible 24K Gold Facial Dubai has seen, there is only one place that you need to look – Blue Tree Clinics.


“For me, looking fabulous is something that I strive for so, of course, when I heard about a gold facial, I was naturally excited. I’m happy to say that the results certainly lived up to the hype. Anyone wanting to look and feel younger, I would wholeheartedly recommend the 24K Gold Facial from Blue Tree Clinics.” – Linaulto

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